Installing Receiver for iOS


Epic-Cloud WorkSpace supports Apple iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 9 and later through an iOS application called Receiver (made by Citrix).


Installing Receiver

  1. While connected to the Internet, locate and launch the "App Store" application on your iOS device.
  1. Within the App Store, search for "Citrix Receiver".
  2. It should appear as a free app.
  3. Click the "Get" or "Download" button.

Configuring Receiver

  1. Launch the "Receiver" app from your iOS device.
  1. Click on "Add Account".
  1. On the Address line, enter, "".
  2. Optionally, you can chose to enable Touch ID.  By turning this option on, you will be able to access Receiver and your WorkSpace by simply using the finger(s) associated with the Touch ID feature of your iOS device.
  1. Enter the user name provided to you by your system administrator in the format of "domain\username".  Note the use of the "backslash" between the domain and user name.
  2. Enter your "password". Passwords are case sensitive, be careful when entering them.
  3. Enter the "domain" provided to you by your system administrator. This is the same "domain" used in step 5.

NOTE: In many cases your domain, username and password will remain the same as what you have historically used on your local workstation.  

  1. Click "Log On". If you receive an error, double check the entry of your information and try again. If problems persist, contact technical support.
  1. Receiver should load and present you with an icon for your WorkSpace desktop.