iOS-based Access

Launching WorkSpace

  1. Launch the Receiver app on your iOS device.
  1. Select the WorkSpace desktop icon.
  1. You will next be asked to authenticate yourself with Receiver. Depending on how you initially configured Receiver during the instalation, you will either need a username and password or the finger associated with the Touch ID feature of your iOS device.
With Touch ID
  1. If you enabled Touch ID on your iOS device, press your registered finger against the Home button of your device.  Your username and password will be automatically entered into Receiver.

For information about how to configure Receiver to use the Touch ID capabilities of your device, see our artlcle about Configuring Touch ID.

Without Touch ID
  1. Enter the user name provided to you by your system administrator in the format of "domain\username".  Note the use of the "backslash" between the domain and user name.
  2. Enter your "password". Passwords are case sensitive, be careful when entering them.
  3. Click "Log On". If you receive an error, double check the entry of your information and try again. If problems persist, contact technical support.

Upon proper authentication, your WorkSpace desktop will load and be ready for use!